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Construction Millwrights and Industrial Mechanics (Except Textile)

Other titles : gas turbine repairer, maintenance mechanic, mechanic, industrial, treatment plant maintenance mechanic


Description :

Construction millwrights and industrial mechanics install, maintain, troubleshoot and repair stationary industrial machinery and mechanical equipment. Construction Millwrights are employed by millwrighting contractors. Industrial mechanics are employed in manufacturing plants, utilities and other industrial establishments.

Main duties :

  • read blueprints, diagrams and schematic drawings to determine work procedures;
  • install, align, dismantle and move stationary industrial machinery and mechanical equipment, such as pumps, fans, tanks, conveyors, furnaces and generators according to layout plans using hand and power tools;
  • operate hoisting and lifting devices such as cranes, jacks and tractors to position machinery and parts during the installation, set-up and repair of machinery;
  • inspect and examine machinery and equipment to detect and investigate irregularities and malfunctions;
  • install, troubleshoot and maintain power transmission, vacuum, hydraulic and pneumatic systems, and programmable logic controls;
  • adjust machinery and repair or replace defective parts;
  • assemble machinery and equipment prior to installation using hand and power tools and welding equipment.
  • Nord-du-Québec
  • Estrie
  • Outaouais
  • Lanaudière
  • Côte-Nord
  • Centre-du-Québec
  • Saguenay–Lac-Saint-Jean



  • Industrial Construction and Maintenance Mechanics (DVS)
  • Automated Systems Electromechanics (DVS)
  • Mécanique d'entretien en commandes industrielles (AVS)
  • Preventive and Prospective Industrial Maintenance Mechanics (AVS)
  • Industrial Maintenance Technology (DCS)


Diploma of Vocational Studies (DVS)


Industrial Construction and Maintenance Mechanics  

Program Length: 2 years

Program Objectives

To develop in the students the competencies required to integrate harmoniously into the school and work environments, to interpret drawings, specifications and other technical documentation, to diagnose malfunctions in equipment, to apply the techniques needed to practise the trade and to maintain, repair and install industrial equipment.


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Automated Systems Elctromechanics

Program Lenght: 2 years

Program Objectives

Acquire the knowledge, ability and attitude necessary to assure functioning and maintenance of automated production equipment all the while respecting quality and technological changes, troubleshooting, repairing different systems and parts, hydraulics, pneumatics, electrical and electronic circuits, working in different companies that use automated systems.

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Attestation of Vocational Specialization (AVS)


Mécanique d'entretien en commandes industrielles

(Training program available in French only)

Program Length: 6 months

Program Objective

Acquérir les connaissances et les compétences nécessaires pour installer, réparer, entretenir et mettre en service des commandes par hydraulique proportionnelle et automates programmables, avec une expertise très avancée en ce qui a trait aux commandes des systèmes mécaniques, hydrauliques, électrohydrauliques, à hydraulique proportionnelle, des systèmes pneumatiques et électropneumatiques, effectuer du dépannage, poser des diagnostics, réparer, installer ces machines, travailler sur les commandes de systèmes (pompes, presses, ventilateurs, variateurs et réducteurs de vitesse, convoyeurs, compacteurs, équipement de manutention, compresseurs, moteurs électriques, etc.), porter un intérêt aux nouvelles technologies et s’intéresser au travail scientifique.

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Preventive and Prospective Industrial Maintenance Mechanics

Program length: 6 months

Program Objectives

To acquire the knowledge, skills and attitudes required to compile information on the operating parameters of a piece of equipment, diagnose problems in order to prevent or detect any breakdowns, devise, apply and change maintenance programs, maintain mechanical, hydraulic, pneumatic, electrical and electronic systems using maintenance manuals (print or electronic media) describing the routine work to be done or the readings and measurements to be taken, use maintenance software as well as reading instruments and analyzers in order to acquire a comprehensive and systematic understanding of how industrial machines work and to be able to read very complex plans and specifications.

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Diploma of College Studies (DCS)


Industrial Maintenance Technology

Program Length: 3 years

Program Objectives

The Industrial Maintenance Technology program prepares students to practise the occupation of Industrial Maintenance Technician. Industrial maintenance technicians work in all industrial sectors such as: pulp and paper, metal mining, primary transformation and manufacture of metal products, food processing, wood, petrochemical, transportation and subcontracting of maintenance services. While present in all industrial sectors, industrial maintenance technicians also work in the construction field. 

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Admission requirements for an AVS

To enroll in an AVS program, a DVS or equivalent experience in a related field is required. The AVS is issued upon the successful completion of a program that upgrades skills or provides specialization in a particular trade or occupation.



Other training

Occupation targeted under the Workplace Apprenticeship Program.

This program was created by Commission des partenaires du marché du travail and Emploi-Québec in partnership with sector-based labor force committees.

It supports workplace apprenticeship and skill recognition programs.

Training and skill evaluation are under the supervision of an experienced worker. Once the apprenticeship is finished and skills are mastered by the apprentice, a certificate of qualification is issued and recorded in a government registry.

For more information on the Workplace Apprenticeship Program, see the Emploi-Québec website