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Forging Machine Operators

Other titles : • Air hammer operator - metal forging • Cold press operator - metal forging • Vehicle spring repairer - metal forging


Description :

Forging machine operators operate forging machines to form and shape metal into various shapes and sizes and impart desired strength, hardness or other characteristics. They are employed primarily in the fabricated metal products, machinery, and transportation equipment industries.

Main duties :


  • operate gas or oil fired furnaces to heat metal to proper temperature prior to forging
  • place metal pieces in furnace using hand tongs or overhead cranes and remove from furnace when colour of metal indicates proper forging temperature, or load and unload furnace with automatic conveyor
  • position heated or cold metal pieces, on die of press or other forging machinery
  • operate presses or other forging machines to perform hot or cold forging by flattening, straightening, twisting, forming, drawing, upsetting, splitting, cutting, punching, piercing, bending, coining, or other operations to shape or form metal
  • position and adjust dies on anvil of forging machinery using overhead cranes or other hoisting devices and hand tools.
  • Montérégie





Program length: 1 year

Program Objectives

The Production Equipment Operation program is designed to train individuals to apply, in whole or in part, the process for manufacturing a product. These individuals will be able to prepare raw and processed materials and machinery; operate conventional or automated production equipment; ensure quality control of manufactured products; handle raw materials and products; prepare products for shipping; and carry out preventive maintenance on the equipment made available to them.

Where this program is available

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Comité sectoriel de main-d'oeuvre dans la fabrication métallique industrielle

5245, boul. Cousineau, local 3300

Longueuil, QC


Phone: 450-812-0300

Fax: 450-443-9496


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