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I’d like to learn more about...

I’d like to study...

I’d like to learn... and the human body.

...animals, their habitat and how to care for them.

...the laws and regulations that affect our lives and activities.

...commerce and store management. and working in a kitchen.

...crime, accidents and danger prevention.

...about geology and minerals (iron, copper, etc.).

...the tourism and travel industry and about event management.


...electronics and learn about electricity. science and learn how computers and software work.

...chemistry. a field that uses new technology and computers.

...psychology or social work. administration. develop my creativity and my artistic sense.

...a trade like construction or road work. drive a large vehicle or heavy equipment (truck, crane, power shovel, etc.).

...about engine repair and mechanics.

...metalworking—using various tools and machines to manufacture engines, parts and other assemblies. draw better. operate industrial machinery. to communicate with customers.