Discover the vocational and technical careers with the best job opportunities in Québec

Continuing Education

Continuing education offers an opportunity to acquire skills in the workplace so that you can develop your abilities, gain new knowledge or obtain a Qualification Certificate. There are many training programs offered on the job or online.


On-the-job training lets you upgrade your skills, acquire new ones or get ready to practise a new career. There are on-the-job training programs for workers in many business sectors:

Programme d'apprentissage en milieu de travail (PAMT) (an apprenticeship program)helps you acquire skills on the job through work placements. PAMT is available for many occupations and offers various benefits, including the possibility of earning a vocational qualification certificate or other qualification certificate, and the advantage of continuing to receive a salary while continuing your education.

Online Training

Many online training programs are available in a wide variety of sectors. These short-term programs allow workers to acquire new skills for their career.

Adult Learn Line

Established in 2002, the Adult Learn Line is a confidential, toll-free telephone service that can be accessed anywhere in Québec.

It provides assistance and referrals for anyone seeking information on vocational training in secondary school or technical training at the college level.

Just dial 1-888-488-3888, no matter where you live.

Easy, convenient and free!