Do you dream of changing the world? Finding a career that allows you to do that is even better. Wherever you go, more and more businesses are looking for skilled workers who are ready for a challenge. Whether it involves building roads or aqueducts, creating new software, or protecting the environment, everyone can find a way to contribute.

In Québec, the future is bright for people looking for a career in a technical profession. They are highly sought after in many sectors that are currently experiencing solid rates of growth. Technical professionals hold a wide variety of jobs in the workforce and their working conditions are quite advantageous.

Emploi Québec has indicated that engineering technicians in many different specializations are among the most sought after workers by Québec businesses.

For example, electronic and electrical engineering technicians can work for software and video game developers, an industry that has put Québec on the map. They can participate in conception, development, testing, production and exploration of electronic systems and equipment.

They can also do much more than make video games. They can work in different businesses such as public utilities (electricity), communication companies, factories that make electrical and electronic equipment, technical advice firms, the government and in a wide range of manufacturing, processing and transportation industries.


An engineering technician diploma can give you a way to improve the world around you. Scientists and engineers that design and develop new highways, buildings, and aqueducts are surrounded by civil engineering technicians who help them get their projects going.

Electrical engineering technicians are also in demand in a majority of regions in Québec, according to Employ Québec. They assist mechanical engineers in the conception, elaboration, maintenance and testing machines, pieces and tools used in construction and other built structures.

Throughout the next few years in Québec, many new buildings and highways are going to be built. This is why civil engineering and mechanical engineering technicians will be needed by engineering consulting firms, manufacturing and processing plants and by different government services.

They are not the only ones in demand: industrial and manufacturing engineering technicians are also equally popular in manufacturing businesses that make all kinds of products as well as in insurance companies and the public service.

Their role in the heart of the business is very important since their job is to oversee production operations and see what solutions exist to improve performance or make it more efficient. This is a job that deals more with numbers, technical design, and organizing production than nuts and bolts.



It is well known that Québec is rich in both nature and natural resources. After all, there’s more to life than video games; there is also nature, from which we extract the resources necessary to house people, move them around and feed them.

It may seem obvious at first glance, but it is a lot more complicated than you think. It requires some people to do research, others to work in the development of natural resources and others who insure that all of this is carried out without damaging the environment.

This is also the role of technicians in geology, mineralogy, and metallurgy. For example, they assist in exploration and exploitation in the mining, petroleum and natural gas industries. They can also work to protect the environment and can find employment in petroleum and mining firms, the government, teaching establishments, among other types of companies.


In sum, there is no shortage in terms of the variety of jobs available in this sector. What’s more, one thing all of these specializations have in common is the fact that there is currently a huge demand for skilled workers in these fields. This means that students who get their diplomas as a technologist or technician, whether it is in civil, mechanical or another type of engineering, are highly coveted by numerous potential employers.

This is how the Order des ingenious du Québec (Quebec Engineering Guild) and the Order des technologies professionals due Québec (Québec Order of Professional Technologists) and many other representatives in the Québec business world see the situation. Whether it is in the construction field, information technology and communications technology (ICT) or in the insurance sector, they all agree that skilled workers in these areas are scarce.

For diploma holders newly specialized in these areas, it means that it is easier than ever to find a job to suit you and to start off your career on the right foot.


If we look at the construction sector in Qu ébec, jobs in this field account for 179,000 workers, or 5% of the total job market.

The Centre d’étude sur l’emploi et la technologie du gouvernement du Québec (Québec Government Centre for Studies on Employment and Technology) predicts that the demand for skilled workers in this sector should maintain fairly high levels until 2010.

The situation is similar for businesses that provide services related to information and communication technology (ITC). After a slow period in 2001 and 2002, information technology, telecommunications, and electronic companies have started taking on professionals and hiring rates have risen steadily until reaching levels similar to 2000.

The natural resources sector is also promising: according to the Ministry of Natural Resources, since 2004 the number of jobs has also been on the rise due to the increasing demand for metals.


Naturally, a specialization that is highly sought after by employers enjoys certain advantages such as more frequent salary increases. The average annual salary for electrical and electronic engineering technicians is $44,000. Technicians in geology, mineralogy and metallurgy earn on average a yearly salary anywhere from $36,400 to $44,600. Finally, civil engineering technicians earn just over $46,000, which is much higher compared to the provincial average of $29,000.

Make a dream reality. A job as a professional technologist or technician is the choice of the future.

Many enterprises are looking for qualified people in these fields. What’s more, it’s the type of career that allows you to play an active role in the world, no matter where you live. Finding a job is not always easy, but in this case, it is almost guaranteed.